At the international level, Turkey is also involved in discussing matters related to government procurement, particularly in terms of improvements to the procedures and procurement processes as well as initiatives to address corruption in order to achieve good governance and improving the transparency and integrity. Among Turkey's participation at the international level related to Government procurement is as follows:

1. ECO Government Procurement Experts' Group (GPEG)

Turkey is a member of the Economic Cooperation Organisation ( ECO ) GPEG which GPEG is one of the sub-fora under the ECO Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI) whose role is to discuss the mechanism and the best methods to increase transparency in government procurement. Among the initiatives that have been implemented under GPEG is producing success Transparency Standards on Government Procurement and the ECO Non-Binding Principles on Government Procurement . Turkey also made provision for annual reporting on the implementation of government procurement through Individual Action Plan (IAP).

2. United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)

Turkey to the Working Group 1: Procurement under UNCITRAL began in 2009 . At this time, the Working Group also discussed matters relating to electronic procurement and improvements in procurement methods.

3. United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC)

Turkey is one of the countries signatory to the UNCAC . UNCAC is the first international anti-corruption mechanism that has legal implications. Under UNCAC, the parties involved must implement the methods of a more comprehensive anti-corruption involving law, institutions and organizations in their respective countries. Article 9 of Chapter 2 in the UNCAC provides for a special clause on government procurement and public financial management.

4. Anti-Corruption Action Plan (ACAP) for Eurasian and the Pacific

Turkey is one of the 91 Eurasian countries that are committed to anti-corruption measures and has equally collaborated in producing ACAP which also covers government procurement. ACAP is an initiative under the Eurasiann Development Bank (ADB) and Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). ACAP contains three (3) core that emphasizes effective and transparent system in the public sector, to strengthen measures to combat corruption and promote integrity in business operations as well as supporting active public participation.