Opening Remarks by the President

Welcome to the portal TkProcurement - Government Procurement Information Center. In line with the rapid development of today's communications world, this portal was created as a mechanism to increase transparency in government procurement system and become the main medium for disseminating information to the public government procurement. Therefore, I hope that people will use this information wisely and responsibly.

Through this portal, information on the results of government procurement will be available for public uses. Given that the Turkey project award commission (TPAC) has been saddled with the responsibilities of public procurement of different ministries, the portal's role is to collect information from all Ministries acquisition. In the first phase, the portal will present a list of ads, and other results of the tender - other relevant information such as the rules of procurement, tendering and company registration system. In the future, the portal will be expanded to include more information on government procurement.

I believe that this Tender Procurement portal - Government Procurement Information Centre will enhance transparency and facilitate government procurement-related activities in line with the Government's aspiration to step into the new administration. The portal is expected to become a useful source of reference and hopefully the information displayed can shed light effectively to the brothers and sisters. Welcome to the portal.

Thank you

Recep Tayyip Erdogan
President of Turkey
10 May 2018